Saturday 8 August 2020

August last month of Winter

 Hi everyone it's August, the last month of winter. The year has been one of extremes, the beginning of the year with its fires and forty plus temperatures to now with its zero degrees and lower. It feels like someone left the freezer door open in Antarctica. We've just had our soil profile done, so we're one step closer to moving and heaps more packing to do. For those who don't know We're ripping down our old place and re-building  new. Hard to imagen that we've been living in the same timber frame house for the past fifty eight years and none of us were born here, so you can imagen the place is looking a bit tired.

Our specials for he month of August are Rainbow Gallery Threads, Beads - Plastic Flowers and Primke Designs Kit Rose & Lilac Urn.

So until next time stay healthy and keep stitching, from all of us at Christina's Craft and Gifts

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