Thursday 24 December 2015

Christmas wishes to all

We wish you all a Safe, Healthy Christmas and a Happy New Year. I did not stitch a lot this year as life just got in the way, but I am crossing my fingers that 2016 will be a better year for stitching.
We are having a hot Christmas 37 degrees which must seem strange to all you people North of the equator where it is winter..

All the best from the three of us, Monika, Rosemarie and Gunter.  

Sunday 29 November 2015

Count down to Christmas

I must first thank all the firefighters and emergency service personnel, that fought the fires last Wednesday around the Mallala and adjoining areas . Which is about 1/2 an hours drive from where we live, here in Elizabeth. Our thoughts go out to all the people that have lost there homes and farms. May 2016 be a better year for you all.

On a happier note, two weeks ago the Christmas pageant and Father Christmas came to Adelaide, we have had that joy for the last 82 years. There is a count down to Christmas now and a lot of people here in Adelaide, specialy those with children, put up their Christmas tree in time for the Pageant.  The shopping centres also get into the act, putting up their decorations, so it is definitely starting to look like Christmas here.

The colour card for our scissor tassel which I told you about in the last blog, is now on our web site at

For those stitchers who like to work on fine linens, we now have the 38 count Graziano Pronto back in stock, both in Ivory and White.  Pronto is a dense weave and works really well for things like Schwalm and Italian cut work, but we do have some people who use it for very fine cross stitch, as it is a true evenweave.

Finally for those who are looking, for a last minute Christmas gift, either to stitch or give as a kit to a fellow stitcher, we have selected a few ideas and here they are.

For more kits please check our web site.

Hopefully I will get back to you before Christmas but just in chase I do not, I hope  you will have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. From all of us here at Christina's Craft.

Sunday 18 October 2015

Scissor Fob gifts

We have just received these lovely scissor fobs, which come in a range of colours. Never the same one twice, they will retail for $5.50ea.and will make a lovely gift for someone or just treat yourself to one of them.The colour card is still to come and you will be able to find it on our gift page.

I am so sorry about leaving out the photos of our beautiful Ginger scissors last time.So here they are.

My Schwalm table centre has not grow a lot, it is new to me and I am a bit slow at it. The four sided hem stitch does not want to end.
We are trying to get the garden ready for summer and we have just started to bake for Christmas.Time flies when you having fun.

This is all for today, happy stitching Monika.

Saturday 8 August 2015

We now have Gingher Embroidery Scissors in stock.

We are now stocking 3 types of Gingher  Embroidery Scissors
Stork, Lion's Tail  and Epaulette, all come with a 31/2" blade, the Epaulette has a slightly larger finger grip.
The scissors have Gold-plated handles which add sophistication to these Embroidery Scissors.
The scissors feature slender blades and finely ground points perfect for cutting thread or making precise snips.
A double-plated chrome-over-nickel blade finish is both striking and durable, and a leather sheath protects the
blades when not in use.{This information  comes from }

This is my last blog as I am very time poor at the moment, my sister Monika is taking over the blog from now on, a lot of people will know her from when we had our shop.

This is all for now, from Rosemarie and Monika.

Sunday 28 June 2015

Silk Handbag entered for the Adelaide Royal Show

Monika  has just entered her cream silk handbag in the Royal Adelaide Show, in the Craft section. The Adelaide Royal Show will run from the 4th to 13th of September 2015.
The reason behind the handbag was that she wanted a new evening bag, but could not find one that she liked.  So she made her own from scratch.
After she finished the bag, she hand dyed the lace and then started to bead the lace. Many hours later the lace was attached to the bag.  As you can see by the photo, she did not a bad job. {of course I might be biased as I am her sister.}

She also made a black hand bag that has a Art New Vogue feel about it.  At the time she had the hand bag itch.

You can view both hand bags on our Primke  kits page on our web shop at.

So has anyone else enter the Royal Adelaide Show Craft section?

This all for today Rosemarie.

Sunday 31 May 2015

Tomorrow is Winter.

Here we are again, tomorrow is the first day of winter here in Australia, how time flies when you are having fun.
A few weeks ago I read a article in the paper that craft is good for ones health, research has shown that it lowers blood pressure and all sorts of other things that are age -related impairments. Us embroiders have know that all a long that stitching is good for you.

I have just started my 50 year Embroiders Guild challenge ,I am hoping to turn it into a piece of jewellery  cross your fingers that it will work.

Some people have ask us ,where there is a lot of work into dying our Primke threads .As you can see by the photos you first have to skein the thread into large hanks which are white  ,then the thread gets dyed , washed , hang out to dry, made into smaller skeins,   tag ready  for you the customer .

Sunday 3 May 2015

WE started a gift page

I know that Easter was a long time ago,we hope that everyone had a good one.A week after Easter ,we drove to Tanunda for a days outing.The Barossa Vally is a beautiful place to visit , it is about 1 1/2 hours drive from Adelaide.You can get there by driving thru Gawler, Lyndoch to Tanunda, or on the freeway which is the Sturt Hwy and turn off at the Gomerssal rd to Tanunda.We also visit Peter Lehmanns Winery, it is a lovely place to just have a picnic or a glass of wine,as you can see by the photos.

With Mothers Day just around the corner ,why not visit our gift page for some Mothers Day gift idea or brows thru some our pages in our web shop.Here are some gift ideas below.

We hope that all the Mothers out there will have a wonderful Mothers Day. From the three of us at Christina's Craft .

Sunday 29 March 2015

Happy Easter

Here we are again and guess what autumn is here, our autumn crocuses are flowering and with winter just around the corner.

We have not done much stitching right now, as we are concentrating on finishing our WEB SHOP which is 80% done.

But Monika has been busy sewing. She is turning the Lion panels into two cute cushions that any little girl or boy would like to have. As you can see by the photo.

We would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Easter.

Sunday 15 February 2015

Not a good day to stitch,it is too hot.

Today is one of our hot days we get here in Adelaide with the temperature to reach 39 degrees.On days like this you try to do as little as possible.

I have a up date of the schwalm table centres. Monika is still doing her four side hem stitch ,but she has been finishing of other work.Gunter and I have moved onto our schwalm pattern, as you can see by the photos.I will give you a up date as we go along.

As I said before Monika has just finished these two lovely wool panels of Lion cubs ,one is stitched in Paterna wool and the other is stitched in Gumnut Yarns .Know we have to wait and see what she will turn them into.

Sunday 18 January 2015

January is here already.

Here we are half through January, and what a month it has been for us here in Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills.Weather so hot in the high 40degrees,fires close to towns and suburbs. Our thanks goes out to our brave fire fighters who did a wonderful job. 

We did not do much embroidery over the Christmas break, some of us did some jig sore puzzle as you can see by the photo.

Now we have the Tour Down Under, which is a bicycle race around Adelaide and into some country areas.Lots of people go and see it.

Here is the canvas work finish, that I started  in 2014.It has become a lid to a jewellery box.I hope you like it.

    Until next time.