Tuesday 16 October 2018

We did not fall of the end of the Earth.

Hi there, yes it has been long time, we did not fall of the end of the Earth but we where very busy making
Slate  Frames for Beating Around The Bush. And we have just caught up with all our back orders.
You can also get our Slate Frames from The Embroidery Den, Highett Victoria Tel. 03 9532 2142 .
We have also last received the NBN, the Internet is just so much faster, some times one just has to wait
for small luxuries  like this.
Well have almost finished with weeding the garden, hopefully there will be time to do some embroidery
I am thinking of maybe some bead embroidery,but I am still looking for the right piece.

This is all for know, we hope that everyone is busy embroidering as Christmas is only 10 weeks away,
from all of us here at Christina's Craft and Gifts.