Thursday 17 November 2011

Hardanger Bell Pull - the next instalment

Well here is the update on my 4 Seasons bell pull, I have stitched Spring and nearly finished Summer, with only minor changes.  Autumn is next, hope to start this afternoon, my stitching and blogging seem to come in spurts, with boring things like book work and cleaning in between.

One of our customers once said "It must be great to do nothing but stitch"  what a joke.

Also an update on the Phone pockets, I have just finished the first set of notes and am working on the second set, more about that soon.
Well here is the update picture,  the middle of the flowers and leaves will have needle weaving in them when the piece is finished, but I am leaving that till last.

Thursday 3 November 2011

Stitch Sampler Hussif by Rosemarie Hanauer

We have just received our copy of Embroidery and Cross stitch issue 19_3.

On page 28 there are instructions for a Stitch Sampler Hussif worked in Primke threads, unfortunately the instructions are incomplete with only graphs for 2 of the 4 corners being published.  Also there are photos of only 3 of the 4 corners, and step by step instructions for 2 of the corners and the back.  We did send the whole instructions to the magazine and as we do not get to proof read before they go to print, the first we know of any problems is when we get the magazine.

As they chose to only show a photo of the inside of the Hussif, I have posted the photo of the outside.