Sunday 29 December 2019

Happy New Year to all.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and I wish everyone a happy, healthy New Year.
We are all coping with the heat at the moment, although 40c degree plus is not my kind of summer.
We here at Christinas  Craft and Gifts have decided to extend  our December specials to the end  of
January 2020, December has been such a busy month for us.

Keep on stitching ,all the best again for the New Year, I hope to finish some of my UFO's here is hoping.
From all of us here at Christina's Craft and Gifts.   

Sunday 1 December 2019

Christmas 2019 is just around the corner

It's December already with the 1st of December being the first Sunday of Advent, where has the time gone? The last lot of specials for this calendar year are as follows. We have Benton and Johnson for all of your special metallic threads, for all those who are planning their wool embroidery for next Winter, we have Kaalund Yarns. We have Silk and we have Wool in a fine 2 ply yarn. Last but not least we have our Primke Gifts for all those who are still rushing around doing their last minute shopping for their friends and relatives. All this can be found on our web site

From all of us at Christina's Craft and Gifts, to all of our stitching friends, A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you all in 2020.

Thursday 31 October 2019

Christmas is just around the corner

November is here again with just over 8 weeks to go till Christmas. Rosemarie has just finished our Christmas baking and now all we have to do is finish some of our last minute Christmas gifts.
Also we in Adelaide will have our Christmas Pageant on November the 9th, it has been going since 1933 and it gives you a real feeling that Christmas is just around the corner, watching the floats going down the streets of Adelaide.

Those of you that are still looking for a small gift to make for a friend or family member, we have
Primke Scissor Fob Kits on special during November, these Fobs look lovely on your scissors or keys.

Some of our customers have also turned them into Christmas decorations.

We also have DMC Stranded cotton and Anchor Silk on special in November.

Well this shall be all for today, as I have to get back to my stitching.
Happy stitching from all of us here at Christina's Craft and Gifts.

Monday 30 September 2019

October Specials

For those people still working on a wool embroidery project this month we have Mogear mohair threads on special.  Also check out the
Needle Necessities over dyed stranded cottons that we still have in stock.  These beautiful hand dyed threads have been re branded to
Threadworx, the names and numbers have been changed but the colours are supposed to be the same.  That said we have found that they vary
slightly from the original, so here is your chance to get some of the original, at a reduced price.

Finally we have decided to reduce our stock of Maria George Delica beads this month.  We thought that it would be an ideal time for those
of you working on your Christmas project, or just to add a little bling to whatever you are working on. Remember Christmas is fast approaching,
there are only 2 and a half months to go.
Well on that cheerful note I will call it quits for today.

Sunday 25 August 2019

Spring is almost here.

I know that it does not feel like spring today but it is just around the corner, in fact just a week away.
We can always tell, because our Almond trees are flowering and the Freesias are budding up, ready to flower any time. It also means that those of us who suffer from hay fever, that time is all most here.

We are continuing our monthly specials, for September our sale items are Edmar threads, Cross stitch charts and Ginnie Thompson Flower threads.   There will be differed items each month, so do have a look each month on our Web Site to see if there is something there for you.

Our Royal Show starts next week, there is always a lot to see,  just have to hope that the weather will be good.

Well this shall be all for today, the weeds in the garden are waiting for me.
From all of us here at Christina's Craft and Gifts. 

Friday 2 August 2019

We are Updating our Web Site

Hi to everyone, we seem to be getting some much needed rain in the Adelaide metropolitan area and it finally feels like winter has arrived.
As I have given up dressmaking, I have a book that is no longer required. The title is
The Cutter's Guide
A Manual of Dress-cutting and Ladies Tailoring
Printed in 1929
If anyone is interested I'm asking $20.00 for it, plus postage. It can also be viewed on Gumtree, search for "Book The Cutter's Guide".

We are updating our WEB site so it will be easier to find things, we have started with Gumnut Yarns Colour Card and also the DMC Colour Card.
We eventuraly plan to do all of the Colour Cards so have a look and tell us what you think.

That's all for today, happy stitching from all of us at Christina's Craft and Gifts

Sunday 2 June 2019

Monthly Embroidery Specials

Hi there everyone, we here at Christina's Craft and Gifts have decided to help you stretch your embroidery dollar further.  From the 1st of June we will have 3 different lines on special.  There will be different stock each month, so we hope that in this way you will all find something you need.

Just follow the link to our web site and click on Monthly Specials at the top of the page

This shall be all for today, happy stitching from all of us here  at
Christina's Craft and Gifts.

Saturday 20 April 2019

Happy Easter to all.

It is Easter already. What happen to March????? It was our Mothers 93 birthday and of course we where harvesting fruit from our trees and later on preserving the fruit.

I am having Easter with my family, we are not a large family here in Australia but we have a good time.

We just received news that Mogear threads will stop dying threads,as the Lady is retiring.
When we have sold the stock that we have on hand, that will be it. It is almost going back to
the bad all days when there was not much choice for over dyed thread.

This shall be all for today, I hope that everyone has a lovely Easter.
Happy stitching for all of us here at Christina's Craft and Gifts.


Sunday 3 March 2019

Long hot summer.

I hope that everyone is having a good time and that the weather is not to hard on you. We are having our next hot spell, on January the 24th it got to 48 degrees. I know we are in autumn but summer has not left us, with 40 degrees on Friday and 41 yesterday, and today we are having 31 degrees and humid.
It is so hard to keep  the garden alive as you can see with our roses, first photo was taken

at 8am in the morning and the other at 5pm that night.
I feel sorry for our Farmers, where in some places it has not rained for 4-5 years.

Well now for some Good news, we are finally able to get Thread Gatherer threads and ribbons again, it has been a long wait but it was worth the wait.

There has been no progress with my beading, all I have done so far, is lace the fabric onto the slate frame and then I came to a full stop.  Maybe March will be a better month for me.

This shall be all for today, happy stitching from all of us here at Christina's Craft and Gifts.

Thursday 17 January 2019

Happy New Year

Happy New  Year to everyone from one stitcher to a other.I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and
a Happy New Year.We are having it very hot at this moment 3 days over 40 degrees but that is what we call
Summer here in South Australia.

Over the holiday break, I found myself a piece of fabric that I will be beading, I hope it will work out the way I have design it in my head.
Rosemarie has to reverse stitch her hardanger, found a mistake right at the end, such is life.

I would like to talk about KACOONDA  Australia threads and silk ribbons.
These threads and ribbons are hand dyed here in Australia, the threads come in silk, mohair and wool.
The silk thread come in weigths of Fine, Medium,High Twist, Thick and 2 Ply.

The wool comes in Fine and Medium. These threads will give you lots of options in designing a new project.
Kacoonda ribbons are wonderful to use, with 3 sizes to pick from they are 4mm,7mm and 13mm with a large colour range.

This shall be all for today, happy stitching from all of us here at Christina's Craft and Gifts.