Monday 12 June 2017

Good weather for stitching.

Well winter is here with a bit of a bite, but it is a good time to sit by the fire and stitch.

We have decided to start working towards 2018 Beating around the Bush Market Day.  I know that it is still over 12 month away, but we are designing some new projects. We think that our stand has been looking a bit tired and there are new directions we want to explore.  Rosemarie has already started, while Gunter and myself are still finishing some old work.

I am almost finish with the UFO table cloth  that was started by Rosemarie over 30 years ago and Gunter is working on a lot of slate frames, to replace our stock.  Then we hope to get going on our new projects, I will keep you posted and post some pictures of our work as we progress.

This shall be all for today, happy stitch from all of us at Christina's Craft and  Gifts.