Tuesday 2 June 2020

End of Financial Year

June is here and the end of the Financial Year is looming, Where has the year gone? Drought one day fires the next, Corona( pain in the ass )-19 Virus to 
finish it off, hopefully now, we can slowly get back to a form of normal whatever that will be now.

The specials for the month of June are Butterfly Metallic thread, ideal for embellishing any UFO's [Unfinished Objects to you and me].
DMC Tapestry wool, while in lock down, create or finish that tapestry master piece that you've been meaning to put in pride of place on your wall.
Finally, Primke Gold work Bicycle. Alas we can no longer get the threads used in this kit because some of our suppliers have gone out of business, even before this virus. We are now down to our last one of this popular kit and once it is gone that will be it for the bicycle.

This all for now, from all of us here at Christina's Craft and Gifts, happy stitching.