Monday 6 February 2017

Gumnut Yarns.

Gumnut Yarns

Today I would like to talk about Gumnut Yarns, these threads are hand dyed in Australia by a wonderful  lady that lives in country New South Wales.  She is a very gifted dyer and all her colours blend well with each other.

There are 6 different yarns that she dyes, these are Buds and Stars (silks), Poppies (50% wool and 50% silk),
Tulips (mohair), and Blossoms and  Daisies (wool).

These yarns open up a large world of different stitch techniques, from stump work , crewel embroidery, long and short stitching, the list goes on.  Some of the techniques and threads we have used are shown in the pictures.
Once you use these yarns, you will fall in love with them just as we have.

This shall be all for today, happy stitching from all of us at Christina's Craft and Gifts