Thursday 21 April 2011

Primke Designs over Easter Break

Well, here we are its already Easter again, hope you have all your stitching requirements organized.  We 3 from Primke Designs actually take a break from stitching during our mini holiday, for us it will be gardening, cooking etc that will take up our time.
We are also going to Meadows for their big Easter Fair, driving via the Adelaide hills with the all their Autumn colours, it will hopefully inspire many embroideries in the future and perhaps even some new colours for our Primke threads or linen fabrics.
So from us 3 at Primke designs we hope you have a Safe and Happy Easter with lots of chocolate and stitching.

Tuesday 19 April 2011

Gunter's Primke thread selection for Phone pocket

I thought you would be interested to see what Gunter’s version of my phone pocket looks like.  He again used Pimke perle 5 threads but in blues and greens with the same yellow as I used, but it has come out with a different feel to mine. What do you think?

Thursday 7 April 2011

Rosemarie's Projects

Phone Pocket

I just thought I would show you how the phone pocket is growing, I have been busy and not had much time to stitch but it is growing slowly.  I have found a problem with the original pattern and have changed it for the one Gunter is stitching, he is using different Primke colours, I will post a picture when he has stitched a bit more.  Also I am experimenting with different stitches for the black background, the bottom is tent and the other is more of a basket weave.  I might try something else for the next one, as I am keeping this I don't mind different stitches.