Tuesday 25 July 2017

Stitching for that special man in your life.

With just 5 weeks away to Fathers Day, why not stitch for that special man in your
 life some thing he will cherish.
What man who is a boaty, would not like to have this "Heading for Home" crewel work stitched for him .
Portions of this work is printed and the rest you stitch with Paternayan wool.

There is of course a couple of cross stitch charts I have picked.  One is all about  Antique Fire Engines and the other is about 50 different Professions.  And for the
sporting man there is Sporting Adventures.

For the man that likes traveling by air, there is always a"Hot Air Balloon" stitch with blackwork stitches in over dyed threads.

Or there is a "Jewelled Elephant",which is stitched with crewel stitches in over dyed thread and for something different what about

 "Caslguidi with aTwist" both of these projects would look good in someones office or den.


For those of you who would like a trip to the Barossa but
have not the time to make the trip, there is all ways "Spring in the Barossa".

These projects are available ether as a kit or a chart.

We hope that this has help you with your Fathers Day present problem. Happy stitching from all of us here at
Christina's Craft and Gifts.