Sunday 3 March 2019

Long hot summer.

I hope that everyone is having a good time and that the weather is not to hard on you. We are having our next hot spell, on January the 24th it got to 48 degrees. I know we are in autumn but summer has not left us, with 40 degrees on Friday and 41 yesterday, and today we are having 31 degrees and humid.
It is so hard to keep  the garden alive as you can see with our roses, first photo was taken

at 8am in the morning and the other at 5pm that night.
I feel sorry for our Farmers, where in some places it has not rained for 4-5 years.

Well now for some Good news, we are finally able to get Thread Gatherer threads and ribbons again, it has been a long wait but it was worth the wait.

There has been no progress with my beading, all I have done so far, is lace the fabric onto the slate frame and then I came to a full stop.  Maybe March will be a better month for me.

This shall be all for today, happy stitching from all of us here at Christina's Craft and Gifts.