Sunday 15 February 2015

Not a good day to stitch,it is too hot.

Today is one of our hot days we get here in Adelaide with the temperature to reach 39 degrees.On days like this you try to do as little as possible.

I have a up date of the schwalm table centres. Monika is still doing her four side hem stitch ,but she has been finishing of other work.Gunter and I have moved onto our schwalm pattern, as you can see by the photos.I will give you a up date as we go along.

As I said before Monika has just finished these two lovely wool panels of Lion cubs ,one is stitched in Paterna wool and the other is stitched in Gumnut Yarns .Know we have to wait and see what she will turn them into.

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  1. Minika's lion cubs are really lovely and the Schwarm pattern holds a lot of promise. I look forward to following progress.
    Fortunately, my house and air conditioner coped well with weekend heat and I got a lot of stitching done. I'm glad, however, to see lower forecasts for this week.