Saturday 2 May 2020

For all your Leather

Hi everyone, I'm high jacking Monika's blog this month. I'm her brother Gunter, instead of the usual embroidery thread and material I'm offering you leather.
I started my working life in Orthopaedic footwear (where I acquired my stash of leather), I staid with the industry for almost 19 years, before retiring from the industry and moving on to embroidery supplies with my sisters (strange move I know but I love it). I've designed, stitched and won prizes for my efforts at the Royal Adelaide Show.
I have two types of leather for sale and they are Calf and Kid skins. The Calf is ideal for making bags, shoes, boots and scuffs. If you are using a machine to sew with, make sure you using a good diamond point leather needle, the same applies if you are using Kid. If you are stitching by hand, use good saddler needles or large Glover needles.
The Kid can be used to make Footwear or used in Gold work. If you are stitching by hand, use fine sharp needles or small Glover needles. Take care not to stab yourself (been there, done that). The leather can be found on the Christina's Craft web site.

Now for the specials for the month of May.  YLI thread on Large reels, Charms to embellish your embroidery and finally Appleton's threads

So until next time stay healthy and keep stitching, from all of us at Christina's Craft and Gifts

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