Sunday 17 July 2016

Museum quality acid-free tissue paper

We have just been informed by our wholesaler that they have museum quality acid -free tissue paper. It is 20x30" non-buffered tissue, so it will not scratch or mark your embroidery items.  It comes as a 6 sheet pack priced at $7.95 or a 12 sheet pack for $13.95 .

Well I hope that everyone here in Adelaide has survived our cold snap we just had.  Some one from the weather department said that the wind came from the Antarctic, it certainly felt like it.

We have just booked our stand for Beating Around The Bush market day, which will be held this year on a Saturday, the 8th of October, at Immannuel College Adelaide.
Our stand number will be 16, so come and see us and say hello. As we have not embroider much this year, we have decided to bring more of our specialty embroidery threads to the marked day. So if there is some thing special you would like us to bring, along that we stock just let us know either by email at or call us on 08 8255 9272. Or just leave a message at the end of this blog.

This is all for today, happy stitching from all us here at Christinas Craft and Gifts.

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