Sunday 1 May 2016

Every Mother is special.

Our Mothers are special to us all.  Some Mothers have special talents, they are good cooks, or play the piano, or are good at needle work, or like our Mother who is 90 years old, are good knitters. But all Mothers what ever they do are special to us for who they are.

Our Mother was taught as a child in school to knit without a pattern and she still works like that today. She just looks at a photo and starts knitting. Below is a photo of a jumper she knitted for us from two different patterns and some of her own ideas.

Unfortunately we have not inherited her knitting genes, we took up embroidery instead.

If your Mother loves embroidery and you do not know what to give her, why not let us put together a thread pack in her favorite colours.  Just let us know what type of threads she likes using and we can put together a mixed pack for her.

Well we hope you all have a happy Mother's day and enjoy that special occasion, as we will.

From all of us at Christina's Craft and Gifts

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