Monday 3 February 2014

Update on Owl and New Needlepoint project

Well I haven't dropped of the planet, I have just been very busy and slack. I really got a shock when I checked the date on the last blogg and saw how many months it has been.
It has just taken lots of HOT weather to get me back stitching and blogging. Since Christmas we have had 3 weeks of very HOT weather, one week we had 40c, 41c, 43c, and then 2 day of 46c, then we had a cooler week in the mid 30's then another hot one it only got to 44c that time. Then another cooler week and we have just finished another high 30's finishing with 44c. But that's Summer here, but we still complaine and wait for Autumn.
The good thing is there is not much you can do but sit infront of the airconditioner and stitch. I have finially work some more on my Owl, he is nearly finished as you can see.
And I have been putting off designing a jewellery box lid for one of my students, I just could not get motivated. But during the first really hot week I just sat down, and it just seemed to come together. It is just the beginning but I have worked out most of it, now I just need to finish stitching it. As it is for a jewellery box I decided to work on a gold canvas and add even more sparkle with beads and metallic threads. I will show you the progress as I go along. I was going to put a picture here but it just does not want to give me 2 pictures today.
Have also finished the hem on my schwalm piece and have started the coral knots, will post a picture next time. Well thats it for today, more soon.

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  1. The owl is looking good. Interested to see how you do the head. The jewellery box lid sounds great. Gold canvas sounds pretty good. I think the weather has been extreme even for Adelaide. I hate it - but it's great for stitching.