Monday 1 April 2013

Sasiko Quilting on my quilt

Well here we are Easter is just about over and finally we have had some rain and the cooler weather seems to have finally arrived, fingers crossed.  Of course the rain and cooler weather means that I have been out in the garden and not stitching, but soon the ground will be to cold and I like to get my plants started now so that they will survive the hot weather next summer better.

I have also started hand quilting  a quilt which I made to go on my bed as a bed spread.  I am putting shasiko quilting in the plain squares, I am using our Primke over dyed perle 8 cotton.  I got the idea from the Quilted Kimono a quilt designer in Queensland, she uses our threads on some of her designs and I thought it looked really good.  Well decide for your selves I have included some photos of my quilting (don't judge the quilting to harshly this is my first attempt).

 Oh and because I was short of a fabric I stenciled this one, and then quilted the outline of the dragonfly.  I am still deciding if I am going to do the butterflies as well, this could be an ongoing project for a while.

Well hopefully next time I can show you some progress on my schwalm.

Oh and I nearly forgot we have started doing a mock up layout for out stall at the Quilt and Craft show in Melbourne in July.  So if you are going we hope to see you at stall C24 to catch up.

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  1. I like your quilting. I'm not a quilter, but I like the idea of quilting shapes on embroidered items. The effect on the cream background is terrific.