Sunday 20 January 2013

New Schwalm project

This year we have all three decided to work on a Schwalm Whitework table center each.  Schwalm white work or Hessen stickerei as it is know in Germany, where this lovely style of embroidery comes from is a form of both surface and counted embroidery.  So far I have just mitred the corners, remembering to take lots of photos for the notes (not very interesting ones).  I will post some of the work in progress as I go along.
My bell pull

I do have a few photos of the bell pull and goldwork that Monika and I finished late 2012

Monika's Goldwork bycicle

It seems like just yesterday that I wrote to say she was working on it for the Tour Downunder and here we are they are racing again next week.  Hope the weather stays not to hot for them.

If you have not looked at our web site lately, I have slowly been adding some colour cards.  I have just finished Colour Streams, have added buttons and am in the middle of adding Mill Hill beads.  I hope to this year finally finishing them all, but by saying so have perhaps just ill wished my self.

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  1. It will be really interesting to see the similarities and differences in your table centres. The goldwork bicycle is a great idea. Perhaps the Embroiderers Guild should organise something for 2014 around the Tour Downunder.