Saturday 12 May 2012

Hi all,

Well I was wrong things are still not back to normal, just when we thought we had every thing set up we were invaded by some very particular mice.  They came along one night and picked some of our Kacoonda silk threads as bedding and left us the tags.  So while we admire their choice of threads, they walked past other silks and wools, we had to make everything mouse proof.

Well now fingers crossed we should start making progress.  Our classes have settled in well and I am slowly updating our web site, adding more photos and colour cards, let me know what you think and what other information you would like to see.

I am working in our next lot of Cyber class information and will be publishing it soon.


  1. How miserable! Maybe you could turn the mice episode into a design - exploit the mice as they have exploited you.

    The photos are good. Look forward to the cyber class information.

  2. Well it was not all bad, because we bagged the threads it means they will be easier to get to the Craft and Quilt fair.