Saturday, 21 January 2012

Gumnut Yarns new colours 2012

We have just heard from Gumnut Yarns that she is adding new colour families to her range of Blossom 2 ply wool threads, she has deleted some colour families that used to have similar numbers.

Autumn Rose

Previous Coral Sunset colours 033, 035, 038 deleted
039 has been re numbered 019 in all weights of thread, while the old 019 which was Blossoms only has been deleted.

Dusky Pink

Previous Heather colours 133, 135, 137 have been deleted


Previous Charcoal Blue colours 305, 307, 308 have been deleted


Previous Peacock colours 485, 486, 488 have been deleted


Previous Fern colours 564, 566, 567 have been deleted


Previous Pistachio colours 594, 595, 596, 597, 598 have been deleted


Previous Terracotta colours 883, 885, 887 have been deleted

All the deleted colours have other families that are very close to them in shade, and most come in all Gumnut Thread weights instead of just Blossoms.  I will post some conversion ideas directly.

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