Saturday 10 December 2011

Primke Designs Christmas Tree

As Christmas is fast approaching I thought I would share a picture of the Tree we put up in the shop each year.  In Adelaide most people and nearly all shops put their decorations up at the start of November, to coincide with our Christmas Pagent that is over 1km long and winds its way thru the CBD.  As it is held on a Saturday morning, I don't get to see it in the flesh, but anyone who can't get there watches it on the TV.
Our Tree is 6ft tall and we have decided that only handmade decorations will go on it, over the years the ones we have made ourselves have been added to by ones we have been given by our students and stitching friends.  So now there is a lovely collection of all sorts of techniques including beading, goldwork, hardanger, Romanian point lace, Temari, Cross stitch, patchwork and more.  The final touch is the silver Lametta which is a very traditional thing to put on Christmas trees in Germany and everyone tells us it makes the tree look very special.

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