Thursday, 2 July 2020

We're on the move

Hi everyone, we are in the process of moving and tearing down our old premises and building new. Don't panic we'll still be doing your orders but there are some things we wont be able to do, such as wooden boxes and slate frames, due to no tools, no workshop. Don't despair, our tireless staff are hard at it behind the scenes.

Our specials for the month of July are Sampler Threads, Stretcher Bars, and last but not least embroidery kits from Primke Designs, Little Jewels

So until next time stay healthy and keep stitching, from all of us at Christina's Craft and Gifts

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

End of Financial Year

June is here and the end of the Financial Year is looming, Where has the year gone? Drought one day fires the next, Corona( pain in the ass )-19 Virus to 
finish it off, hopefully now, we can slowly get back to a form of normal whatever that will be now.

The specials for the month of June are Butterfly Metallic thread, ideal for embellishing any UFO's [Unfinished Objects to you and me].
DMC Tapestry wool, while in lock down, create or finish that tapestry master piece that you've been meaning to put in pride of place on your wall.
Finally, Primke Gold work Bicycle. Alas we can no longer get the threads used in this kit because some of our suppliers have gone out of business, even before this virus. We are now down to our last one of this popular kit and once it is gone that will be it for the bicycle.

This all for now, from all of us here at Christina's Craft and Gifts, happy stitching.

Saturday, 2 May 2020

For all your Leather

Hi everyone, I'm high jacking Monika's blog this month. I'm her brother Gunter, instead of the usual embroidery thread and material I'm offering you leather.
I started my working life in Orthopaedic footwear (where I acquired my stash of leather), I staid with the industry for almost 19 years, before retiring from the industry and moving on to embroidery supplies with my sisters (strange move I know but I love it). I've designed, stitched and won prizes for my efforts at the Royal Adelaide Show.
I have two types of leather for sale and they are Calf and Kid skins. The Calf is ideal for making bags, shoes, boots and scuffs. If you are using a machine to sew with, make sure you using a good diamond point leather needle, the same applies if you are using Kid. If you are stitching by hand, use good saddler needles or large Glover needles.
The Kid can be used to make Footwear or used in Gold work. If you are stitching by hand, use fine sharp needles or small Glover needles. Take care not to stab yourself (been there, done that). The leather can be found on the Christina's Craft web site.

Now for the specials for the month of May.  YLI thread on Large reels, Charms to embellish your embroidery and finally Appleton's threads

So until next time stay healthy and keep stitching, from all of us at Christina's Craft and Gifts

Monday, 30 March 2020

Easter Greetings

April is here and so is the Coronavirus, but the Easter Bunny or Easter Bilby (in Australia) is just around the corner.  He can deliver threads and other goodies as well as the chocolate you normally get.

For those of you who are unsure whether to go to your local embroidery shop, we do provide a mail order service. You can go to our web site and see what we carry or you can email us on or Phone us on (08) 8255 9272 and if we have it in stock we'll post it out to you straight away.
We no longer accept any cards for payment, all payments are now via Paypal but you can pay Paypal with your card, or in Australia you can direct deposit.

If you are having any problems with your embroidery we are here to help, just give us a call or email us with a description of the problem, (if possible attach a photo of the item) and we will do or best to help you.  Between the three of us we cover a lot of different types of embroidery.
Last but not least, we have our April specials. Madeira Decora, Silk Prints and Primke Perle 5.

So until next time stay healthy and keep stitching, from all of us at Christina's Craft and Gifts

Monday, 2 March 2020

Doing some UFO's

March is here all ready and Easter is knocking our door.
I do not know what happen to February it was all a bit of a blur. 
Our thoughts have been with the people that have been affected by the fires, whether it was here in South Australia like Kangaroo Island, Cuddlee Creek area or the Eastern States, it looks like hell on earth.
I am working on a glass case that was finished years ago,just not stitch together it is one of my UFOs.

Just to let you know, our March Specials are Cifonda threads good for fine work, bag frames and clips anyone that wants to finish of a UFO and Kirra Mohair thread for people that are thinking of starting a wool project
for the winter months.

This all for know, from all of us here at Christina's Craft and Gifts, happy stitching.